• Delivery of a wide range of medical equipment, supplies and technologies.

Ortus-Medical Systems is one of the first companies to enter the regional market with a professional offer of medical technologies and equipment. The company provides customers with: full consultation, user training system, selection of promising technical solutions in the field of medical equipment and technologies, and a guarantee of clear delivery times for equipment. The company provides large customers with installment payments for up to two years.

Ortus-Medical Systems is Constantly developing and improving its organizational structure, mastering new management technologies.

KORUS MS-service includes the region's largest Certified Service Center and installation management, which provide a high level of warranty and post-warranty support for hundreds of units of complex medical equipment in the Ural region in the shortest possible time.

Our feature

Our specialists are qualified doctors, experienced engineers, responsible managers and customer service specialists who know their work well and are ready to respond instantly to the client's wishes.